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Duel Arms is a sequel to Knight Club but I ran out of money and time to keep working on it. There is a bunch of stuff playable here but it's not balanced, a lot of it is broken, and there is no online play. 

However, it's still pretty fun. I think this game has a lot of great ideas and maybe one day I will make something like it again. Or someone will come along and give me 100k so I can finish it. We just don't know. 

Developing a fighting game is one thing. Making your money back is another. Managing a community to keep the game alive is yet another thing. That is, if you ask me, too many things to take care of while being 1 person with a full time job and other stuff to do. You understand. Anyway, please enjoy. Or don't. Don't let me tell you what to do. 


Duel Arms - Busted Af Edition.zip 118 MB


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Won't even let me install it through the  Itch app... :'(


please make a go fund me to try raise enough money to make this game

How much is it different to Knight Club + ?


Guess you better play both and find out!

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Once I know how to code better (i havent had time recently to learn more) may I take up this project, fix frame data, maybe add a character? If so, what language/engine is it in?


Sorry, no. 


Bummer.  I was looking forward to this.  Good luck on your other projects!




Oh no


I feel you. 

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I'm shitting and pissing and sobbing and feel hollow inside.


big same

I always see these interesting looking games get the boot from steam, yet they have no problem letting 8 billion diarrhea-soaked Atari looking platformers that have 1 level for $3 or more… what happened with your game? And please don’t tell me it had anything to do with the quality, because that would be the biggest joke ever!